VITA / PS TV AccountSwitcher v2.0

An app to swap PSN accounts on a single SD card with Vita Activation

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    • AccountSwitcher​

      An app to swap PSN accounts on a single SD card. It's pretty useful if you have content from multiple accounts on your card, as you can switch seamlessly between those.

      Regarding source, this is my first c app so its kinda messy, code wise. Once I clean it up, I'll push the repo to github.

      Comments, suggestions, bug reports are welcome. Please, PLEASE, pretty please, keep a backup of your profiles somewhere safe, just in case. I've been testing it for a while, but still..

      Profiles are stored on ux0:/data/psn-account-switcher

    • Usage:
      Adding accounts:
      Current Account:
      • Open the app, and dump your current profile (second option)
      Other Account:
      • First unslave SD card (third option, this will allow you to keep your SD intact)
      • Restore the device (Format->Restore This System)
        *When asked if you want to deactivate, choose "No"
        *When asked if you want to format the card, choose "No"
      • Log in with your new credentials
      • Activate the Vita (NOTE: since 3.61 you can't do that directly, you have to use either vita-activator or choose the Activate option I included in AccountSwitcher)
      • Open the app and dump your new profile (second option)
      Loading an account:
      • Select "Load Account"
      • Choose a profile
      • Reboot system

    • Notes:
      • If you're getting Error NP-6174-8 when you open a game after changing accounts, just launch the "Trophies" app once and it should work fine afterwards.
      • Profiles are stored on ux0:/data/psn-account-switcher

    • Changelog:
      • Initial version
      • Bug fixes. Added current profile to main screen.
      • Complete rewrite from scratch
      • Added extra validations
      • Minor text fixes :3
      • Application now uses official PGF font
      • Added reboot feature
      • Added activation feature (credit goes to @ZombieWizzard)

      ToDo: (as of v2.0)
      • Fixing the trophy glitch if possible
      • Henkaku offline-installer support
      • Saving/restoring bubble positions
      • Profiles per device

    This HENkaku Homebrew Utility is created by elpendor