VITA / PS TV Adrenaline Bubble Manager v3.06

Create and organize your direct adrenaline bubbles

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    Create and organize your direct adrenaline bubbles
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    • Description
      This useful application allows you to make personalized bubbles with 'icon' and 'title' of your PSP content (HBS/PSX/ISO/CSO) quick and easy, using the 'LMAN' plugin, and adding the lines Of the plugin to the GAMEID in the config.txt of taihen, also creates the GAMEID.TXT for the plugin, forgetting completely of the tedious and long manual method.

      Adrenaline Bubbles Manager has been updated to be able to create bubbles to use with Adrenaline v6 and Lman's recently updated plugin adrbubblebooter without loosing the compatibility with adrenaline v5 and lower versions and corresponding Lman's plugin adrbblbooter for those versions.


      Instructions for the new version:
      • At the opening, ABM scans for available PSP content, as usual, then by pressing X, you can select the iso/cso/psp hb to be launched with the bubble to be made.
      • After choosing the PSP content to be launched, a popup message will let you know that the resources (images) for your new bubble are getting ready and another popup will let you know the gameid of your freshly made bubble, after that, you'll be given the driver/loader options which you can change later, the buttons to setup the driver/loader are as follows:
        1. X INFERNO /\ MARCH33 O NP9660.
      • Then the boot setup is as follows:
      • Then after installing the newly made bubble ABM will ask you if there are more bubbles to be made, if the answer is yes ABM will take you back to the available PSP content list.


      • Adrenaline Bubble Booter By LMAN 'leecherman'
      • eCFW Adrenaline By TheFloW.
      • PBOOT icon and livearea icon By Freakler.
      • Testers @Falaschi, @baltazarregala4.
      • Some graphics By WZ-JK.


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