PS3 Advanced Power Options v1.11 (CFW & HEN) v1.11

Advanced Power Cycling Options for the user category

  1. DeViL303
    Power Options for all CFW & HEN

    Should work universally on all CFW and HEN.

    New features in v1.10:
    • Used an extended xai_plugin.sprx (videodownloader_plugin.sprx) that is signed with 3.55 keys to work on HEN.
    • So its now universally compatible with HEN and all CFW.
    • No changes for CFW users so no need to update

    As it now works on HEN and CFW so I have changed the name to "Advanced Power Options" instead of the original "CFW Power Options" name, and also increased the version to v1.10.

    HEN and CFW users, Make sure you have dev_blind mounted to install this. Otherwise you will get a 8001003A error and it will fail to install properly.

    FYI HEN users: The shutdown option is the only one that will work without HEN enabled. If you try to use the reboot options it will kick you to recovery, if that happens just press the PS button.

    This installs a Boot OtherOS pkg to dev_hdd0/packages/ obviously that is only for CFW so if you dont need it, or are on HEN, then just delete that pkg.

    New features in v1.07:
    • Changed the way the installer works so reload xmb is installed by default.

    New features in v1.06:
    • Have the added NAND recovery mode option from v1.05 as official feature now, delete strviewer_plugin.rco to enable that feature.
    • This adds Turn off (without confirmation) and Soft reboot to the user login screen.
    • The installer is now a package that installs files directly to dev_blind so it must be mounted prior to install.
    • Its now only 330kb which is 60% reduction approx. It could even be included on dev_flash in rebug/packages/ if you so wished. :)
    Current XMB items are laid out like this:

    Power Options:

    • Shut Down (no confirmation)
    • Soft Reboot
    • Hard Reboot
    • Advanced Options
    • >> Reload XMB
    • >> Screensaver Mode
    • >> Reboot into a Database Rebuild
    • >> Reboot into a Filesystem Check
    • >> Reboot into Recovery Mode (NOR)
    • >> Boot into OtherOS (Optional package built in, install from system storage to add)

    Thanks to @aldostools and @lmn7 for research on the "force install to" packages. I think I am going to be using them a lot from now on. :)

    Also this call the poweroff plugin in a different way, so it does not ask for confirmation (thanks esc0rtd3w for the tip)

    Optional: After installing this, you wil find a new Boot OtherOS package in your package manager > System Storage, install that if you want the Boot OtherOS icon to show inside the advanced options menu.

    Thanks to @mysis for the xai plugin, @Joonie for the BootOtherOS pkg @kozarovv for the reload xmb app, thanks to xps3riments for offline JS, and thanks to @Bobby_Downgrades for the original idea. Also thanks to lmn7 for the custom tool that repacked the pkg.

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