PS3 Advanced Power Options v1.11 (CFW & HEN) v1.11

Advanced Power Cycling Options for the user category

  1. CFW Power Options v1.07

    • Changed category of the Reload XMB application to HM so it does not show anywhere else except in the power options menu.
    • Changed Content ID of the Reload XMB application to RELOADXM1 so it does not clash with the one in Network (if its installed)
    • Added a PIC1.PNG to the Reload XMB application so it has a fake info line under the title.
    • Made this into a hybrid pkg using the new tool by lmn7. (custom and standard pkg in one), So now you don't need to install the Reload XMB package separately, it now installs with the main pkg by default.
    If you already have this installed there is not much point updating. Very minor changes to just the Reload XMB application really.

    Note: dev_blind must be mounted to install this pkg as usual. If you get the 8001003A error it means its not mounted.
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