PS3 Advanced Power Options v1.11 (CFW & HEN) v1.11

Advanced Power Cycling Options for the user category

  1. Advanced Power Options v1.11 (CFW & HEN)

    Small update: v1.11
    • Added screensaver mode to advanced options - Full screen background with no icons, thanks to @xp3riments for the offline JS to do that.
    • Moved Reload XMB app into the advanced options sub menu.
    • Removed the NAND recovery mode option, NAND users can use v1.10 if they really need that.
    • Slipstreamed category_user_login.xml by linking it back to the main xml.
    Just install and reboot, dev_blind must be mounted....
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  2. Advanced Power Options (CFW/HEN) v1.10

    Now works on HEN and CFW so I have changed the name to "Advanced Power Options" and increased the version to v1.10.

    • Used a sprx that is signed with 3.55 keys to work on HEN

    For CFW users there is no need to update, no other changes.

    HEN and CFW users, Make sure you have dev_blind mounted to install this. Otherwise you will get a 8001003A error and it will fail to install properly.

    User login screen:...
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  3. CFW Power Options v1.07

    • Changed category of the Reload XMB application to HM so it does not show anywhere else except in the power options menu.
    • Changed Content ID of the Reload XMB application to RELOADXM1 so it does not clash with the one in Network (if its installed)
    • Added a PIC1.PNG to the Reload XMB application so it has a fake info line under the title.
    • Made this into a hybrid pkg using the new tool by lmn7. (custom and standard pkg in one), So now you don't need to install the...
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  4. CFW Power Options

    New features:
    • Have the added NAND recovery mode option from v1.05 as official feature now, delete strviewer_plugin.rco to enable that feature.
    • This adds Turn off (without confirmation) and Soft reboot to the user login screen.
    • The installer is now a package that installs files directly to dev_blind so it must be mounted prior to install.
    • Its now only 330kb which is 60% reduction approx. It could even be included on dev_flash in rebug/packages/ if you so wished. :)
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  5. CFW Power Options

    Just adding this here so the site resources is complete.

    v1.06 coming soon
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  6. CFW Power Options v1.04

    This is the final layout, a compromise.

    Power Options:
    • Reload XMB (Optional package built in, install to add)
    • Shut Down (no confirmation)
    • Soft Reboot
    • Hard Reboot
    • Advanced Options
    • >> Reboot into a Database Rebuild
    • >> Reboot into a Filesystem Check
    • >> Reboot into Recovery Mode
    • >> Boot into OtherOS (Optional package built in, install to add)
    Big Thanks to Joonie for the Boot...
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  7. CFW Power Options v1.03

    Update with different order, the way sandungas suggested

    • Turn Off System
    • Hard Reboot
    • Soft Reboot
    • Reload XMB
    • Advanced Options
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  8. CFW Power Options v1.02

    This version has "Turn Off System" on the top level in the user category, above "Restart Options" like aldostools suggested.

    It uses the poweroff plugin in the official way, so confirmation is required.
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  9. CFW Power Options v1.01

    Small bug with the reload XMB app, had wrong content ID in the xml for the one included.

    The one included uses RELOADXM1 and category HM. Fixed now.

    P.S. I am claiming category HM for my mods, Sony have not used it in years, no one else has, so why not :)
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