PS4 Air-Strike VR v1.00

Play in VR or without in this Jet simulator

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    • Air-Strike VR
      powered by Unity3d
      Air Strike VR and None VR PS4 Unity Homebrew PKG by SnakePlissken.jpg xLgeLO4.png

      This game can be loaded and played in VR if you have a VR headset plugged in, if not the game should load just fine without a VR headset plugged in.​

      Additional Notes from

      • Important Note: Using NON-VR controls
        • First boot up says it can not launch and will ask for VR to be plugged in,
        • 2nd boot may do same thing.
        • 3rd boot = Game Launched with non VR controls
      • :but square: = Toggle View (Cockpit to 3rd-Person)
      • :but cir: = Toggle Weapons (Gun/Missiles)
      • :but x: = Fire Weapon
      • :but r1: = Restart
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