PS3 AppControl PS3 v1.11

Allow the PS3 to control the PC via PS3 controller

  1. dnawrkshp

    • Application Controller PS3 (AppControl PS3)
      by @dnawrkshp

      The purpose of this application is to:

      • Allow the PS3 to control the PC via PS3 controller(s)
      • Display the current screen or application window at high quality on the TV with little lag

      via @dnawrkshp "In more detail, there is a PS3 program and a PC program. The PC program requests the controller data from the PS3 and uses that with config from the user to interact with a program (probably an emulator). Then the PC will send the current screen to the PS3 and the PS3 will display that image on the TV. At this point, the image is sent as an uncompressed png file (probably one of the problems) to the PS3.

    • Instructions

      On the a CFW Enabled PS3

      • Install the pkg on your PS3.
      • Run AppControllerPS3 application on your PS3.

      On the PC side:

      • Run the PS3ApplicationControllerProject.exe program
      • Configure your custom button layout .
      • Provide the IP of your PS3 Console and hit Connect.

    • Project Status (as of v1.11)
      • + Send PC screen to PS3
      • - Send specific window to PS3
      • - Send 100% quality image to PS3 at over 15 FPS
      • + Retrieve pad state for any controller
      • + Use pad states to interact with PC programs
      • + Have user entered pad input configuration

    • Original Proof of Concept

      Progress Update

      Progress Update

      Project 64 Example