VITA / PS TV AT9&AT3 Converter v2.3

Little program for convert your files Wav/MP3 To At9/At3 and At9/At3 To Wav/Mp3.

  1. BenMitnicK
    AT9&AT3 Converter


    • Hi,

      Little program for convert your files Wav/MP3 To At9/At3 and At9/At3 To Wav/Mp3 nothing special you must have .NET framework 4.5 installed and the files to be converted must be in the same directory as the application.

      The At9&At3 format are used by Sony on PS Vita, PSP and PS3 especially for the sounds of themes.

      At9&At3_Converter allows you to convert these sound files to other formats

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    • ChangeLog V1.0
      • Wav To At9
      • At9 To Wav

      ChangeLog V1.1
      • Add MP3 To at9
      • Add at9 To MP3
      • Add Drag&Drop
      • Add Notifications
      • UI Reformated

      ChangeLog V2
      • Add Support for at3
      • Add ToolTips
      • Add Some verifications
      • Code Cleaned
      • UI Improved

      ChangeLog V2.1
      • Add Support 48000[kHz] For At3tool
      • Add Management Space in File
      • Remove Browser Button
      • Add Management of errors messages

      ChangeLog V2.2
      • Add BitRate support for AT9 and AT3
      • Add Uppercase extention
      • Add Compatibility PSP/PS3 for AT3
      • Add Some verifications
      • Add More compatibility for Sampling Rate 48000[kHz] and 44100[kHz]
      • Add Status bar
      • Add Info for AT9 and AT3 convertion
      • Improved UI

      ChangeLog V2.3
      • Add PS4 Convertion
      • Add Player Actualy only for PSP AT3

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  1. Updated to v2.3

Recent Reviews

  1. troyX
    Version: v2.3
    Make sure your .wav file is in the same folder as the .exe...
  2. blather
    Version: v2.3
    Excellent program for translating .at3 to mp3 file, without the same simple analogue on the Internet