PSP Atari 2600- PSP 2600 1.2.0 2016-08-22

Atari 2600- PSP 2600 1.2.0 -The Stella Team

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    -by The Stella Team

    • An Atari 2600 Emulator for the PSP.

    • PSP2600 is a port on PSP of the version v2.2 of Stella.

      It's based on the work of David Voswinkel, who was the first to port Stella to PSP.

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    • The Stella Team :

      Bradford Mott Project management and emulation core developer
      (original author of Stella)

      Stephen Anthony Author of the SDL port of Stella and emulation core
      Joe D'Andrea Maintainer of the Solaris build of Stella
      Doodle Current maintainer of the OS/2 port of Stella
      Mark Grebe Author/maintainer of the Mac OSX port of Stella
      Erik "Voch" Kovach Maintainer of the '' game properties file
      Kostas Nakos Author/maintainer of the WinCE port of Stella
      Darrell Spice Jr. Original author of the OS/2 port of Stella
      Eckhard Stolberg Emulation core development
      David Voswinkel Author of the first PSP port of Stella
      Brian Watson Emulation core development and debugger support
      Alex Zaballa Author of the first GP2X port of Stella