PSP Atari 5200- PSP Atari 1.1.3 2016-08-22

Atari 5200- PSP Atari 1.1.3 -zx-81

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    -by zx-81

    • An Atari 5200 Emulator for the PSP.

    • Original Authors of Atari800:

      David Firth, Petr Stehlik, and Atari800 Development Team

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    • PSPATARI is a port on PSP of the version 2.0.2 (April 08 2006) of Atari800 from Petr Stehlik.

      Thanks to Danzel and Jeff Chen for their virtual keyboard, and to all PSPSDK developers.

      *** Special Thanks ***

      -> to Cyphre for his help on the sound issue !
      -> to Shadow for his beautiful icons on previous versions !
      -> to Raven for his beautiful icons !
      -> to Carpy for his help on NTSC issue !

      Thanks should go also to Pou-chan who developed the multiple keyboard mapping feature.