PSP Battlegrounds 2 v1.0.1

Battlegrounds 2 is a 3D hovertank deathmatch game.

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    Battlegrounds 2

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    • ABOUT

      Battlegrounds 2 (formerly known as Battlegrounds 3D or BG3D) is a 3D hovertank deathmatch game based on the original 2D PSP homebrew game, Battlegrounds.



      • :dir up: :dir down: Select Menu Item
      • :dir left: :dir right: Change Menu Option
      • :but x: Accept Menu Item
      • :but cir: Back
      • :but tri: When in the Map Editor menu, deletes a map


      • :left down: :left left: :left right: :left up: Movement
      • :but square: Cannon
      • :but x: Laser
      • :but cir: Lay/Detonate Mine
      • :but tri: Switch Camera
      • :but l1: Boost
      • :but r1: Strafe/Target Lock
      • :but select: Score Menu
      • :but start: Pause Menu

      [Top-Down View]

      • :dir up: Zoom in
      • :dir down: Zoom out

      [Third Person View]

      • :dir up: Rotate cam down
      • :dir down: Rotate cam up
      • :dir left: Rotate cam left
      • :dir right: Rotate cam right
      • :but r1: + :dir up: Zoom in
      • :but r1: + :dir down: Zoom out

      [Spectator View]

      • :left down: :left left: :left right: :left up: Look up/down, left/right
      • :but r1: Forward
      • :but x: Back
      • :but square: Left
      • :but cir: Right
      • :dir up: Increase camera speed
      • :dir down: Decrease camera speed

      [Map Editing]

      • :left down: :left left: :left right: :left up: Move cursor
      • :dir down: :dir left: :dir right: :dir up: Place Flags
      • :but x: Place square block
      • :but square: Place mini square block
      • :but cir: Place circle block
      • :but tri: Place mini circle block
      • :but l1: Speed up cursor
      • :but r1: Clear tile
      • :but start: Pause


      The HUD contains three bars: health meter, boost meter, and heat meter, in that order. The goal of the game is relatively simple. Capture flags and destroy enemies. You have a few abilities at your disposal to accomplish this goal, including cannons, lasers, mines, and boost. While in game, you can turn on a useful option, target lock. With target lock on, you need only be aiming in the general direction of your enemy. Press and hold the right trigger and you will lock onto the enemy. Should you choose not to use this feature, you must manually aim and strafe to destroy your enemies.


      • Design, Coding, Modelling - xfacter
      • Textures, Sounds - Various Websites
      • Music - Abhoth


      • #psp-programming on
      • PSPJunkie, A_Nub, InsertWittyName and everyone else who helped test.
      • InsertWittyName and Raphael for coding support.