VITA / PS TV Better Amphetamin v3.5 (beta)

Better Amphetamin is a fork of the original Amphetamin plugin

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    • Better Amphetamin
      by BeatPlay

      As everybody should know overclocking decreases your SoT (Screen-on-Time), so I thought it would be nice to see an estimated time how long you can play with your overclock.

      My modified Amphetamin Plugin adds:
      • Overclocking (NEW: GPU XBAR Frequency)
      • Added optional auto-overclock
      • Added optional auto-underclock
      • Remaining battery (in mAh)
      • Estimated SoT
      • Estimated time to fully charge the battery
      • Battery temperature

      This plugin is based on uo_amphetamin by Rinnegatamante.

    • Usage
      • Create a folder called plugins in ux0:/ .
      • Then put amphetamin.suprx and game.txt into ux0:/plugins/.
      • Press SELECT button for 2 seconds after launching game from Vitamin or MaiDumpTool, you will see the plugin menu.
        • Use up and down to navigate, left and right to change speed for CPU/BUS/GPU frequency.
      • You can download both amphetamin.suprx and game.txt from release page.

      • For advanced setting, create a file named config.txt and put it into ux0:/data/amphetamin. You should use common editor but not Windows default notepad.exe (You can use wordpad.exe, Notepad++, EditPlus, Sublime Text, Atom or more, Which use \n for linebreak). The file content must be:
      • freq_accurate: 1 to enable accurate frequence(5MHz per select)
      • show_advanced: 1 to enable advaned setting(currently has XBAR clock setting) auto_oc : 1 to enable automatic overclocking on game start
      • auto_uc : 1 to enable automatic underclock (or battery saver) (111/111/111/111)
      • auto_uc_ext : 1 to enable automatic extreme underlock (41/41/41/41)
      • You can also download that config.txt from release page. You can also transfer it to PSV and use VitaShell to edit it.

    • v3.3:

      • -added optional auto-overclock
        -added optional autt-underclock with 2 levels (111/111/111/111 or 41/41/41/41)

      • -added GPU XBAR frequency
        -added config file
        -added battery temperature
        -added game TITLE_ID
        -little layout adjust

      • -fixed text allignment
        -fixed typo
        -long press time changed to 2sec

      • -fixed clockrate not changing
        -removed faulty FPS counter
        -allowing 222mhz GPU

      • -made overclocking more precise
        -deactivated inital auto overclock

      • -minor bug fixes for various games

      • -initial release