VITA / PS TV bstone-vita (Blake Stone) v0.2

Blake Stone is a fun first person shooter from 1993 that sadly got overshadowed by Doom,

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    • bstone-vita (Blake Stone)
      Blake Stone is a fun first person shooter from 1993 that sadly got overshadowed by Doom, which came out the week after its release. It's based on the Wolfenstein engine, but includes many features that would later appear in the Doom engine, such as textured floors and ceilings, interactive map elements such as switches and shootable objects, dimming of distant objects, automap, etc.

      BStone is a full-featured port of the original source code. And now it's available on Vita, running smoothly in native resolution widescreen mode.

      I think it's attained a sufficiently good state to merit the status of "release" as of now, so here you are. Big performance improvement over the pre-release version (usually in the 40s). Only caveat is that having music enabled can lead to crashing, so best to disable it in the menu (if anyone can figure out why, I'd be interested in knowing [​IMG] ).​

    • Installing and Running
      Install the .vpk. Then, in the root of ux0:/data/bstone/, place the game assets, which consist, depending on the intended version, of the following files:

      SharewareRegisteredPlanet Strike
      The full versions of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike each can currently be obatined from the 3D Realms website, and additionally from Steam and GOG.

      Any combination of these three may coexist in the directory. Press the main "start" region to launch the game. Game version will be chosen in the following order of preference: Registered, Shareware, Planet Strike. Press the "Planet Strike" region to start Planet Strike regardless of the presence of other versions.
      Important note

      As of version 0.2, leaving music enabled may lead to intermittent crashing while playing. Set the "Background Music" option in the "Game Settings" menu to "None" in order to prevent this. As with other homebrew on the Vita, pressing the home button or going into sleep mode can lead to unwanted behavior upon returning to the still-running game.

    • Playing the Game

      • L - use/open
      • R - fire/accept
      • × - about face
      • - map or status window toggle
      • - fire/accept
      • - use/open
      • ↑ - move forward
      • ↓ - move backward
      • ← - turn left
      • → - turn right
      • left stick - straight ahead and side-to-side motion
      • right stick - turn
      • Select - map or status window toggle
      • Start - Menu/back
      Number keys are hard mapped to a column on the right side of the front touchscreen corresponding to the locations of the elevator buttons on the AOG level select screen. The left and right halves of the region occupied by the bottom HUD bar are mapped to "-", and "=", repectively.

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