VITA / PS TV Cannonball [Vita Port] v1.02

an enhanced Outrun engine by originally by djyt.

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    • Cannonball - Enhanced Outrun Engine

      This is my Vita port of Cannonball, an enhanced Outrun engine by djyt.

      Thanks djyt for writing such a great program and making sure it is easily portable.

      Note: Arcade roms from Outrun version B are required and NOT included in the download.

      A detailed Manual and FAQ are here:

    • Vita Controls:
      • L - Insert Coin
      • R - Menu
      • Square - Start
      • Triangle - Gas
      • Circle - Break
      • Cross - Change Gears
      • Analog Stick - Steering Wheel

    • Installation Instructions:
      Note: arcade roms from Outrun version B are required to run this homebrew!
      • Install the .vpk
      • Extract the contents of into ux0:data/ (it is just two folders and an info file for roms)
      • Obtain the arcade roms for Outrun Version B and extract them into ux0:data/cannonball/roms
      • Launch the bubble, enjoy Outrun in almost perfect 60 fps.

    • Release Thread / Discussion @:

      Source Code @ Github: