PSP Category Lite 1.5 r3 2016-08-22

Category Lite 1.5 r3 (Organizes your Game/Homebrew/Emulator Folders) -Codestation

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by Codestation

    • Organize all your games, emulators, homebrews, etc, into their own folders under the Games Directory.

      You can configure the folder prefix (use CAT_ for folders, or not), showing uncategorized content, and change the category mode in system settings.

    • [!]Fix duplicated entries on iso category in folder mode (PRO).
      [+]Support for categories in folder mode like Bubbletune's GCL (thx Nekmo for betatesting).
      [+]Support to hide certain homebrews/games/dlc from the categories.
      [+]Added subtitles to the config options.
      [+]Empty categories are hidden by default.
      [+]Non game folders are hidden by default on uncategorized content.
      [+]Added folder mode benchmark (compile with BENCHMARK=1)
      [+]Added bulgarian translation by Xian Nox.
      [+]Added simple chinese translation by phoe-nix.
      [+]Added Traditional-Chinese translation by Raiyou.
      [+]Added Russian translation by Frostegater.
      [+]Added italian translation by stevealexanderames.
      [!]Force the uncategorized content to be the last item by default.
      [!]Fixed UMD icon malfunction bug introduced in 1.4-r2.
      [+]6.60 firmware support
      [+]Allow the uncategorized folder to be sorted with your favorite app.
      [+]Multiple language support.
      [+]Added ja translation by popsdeco.
      [+]Added de translation by KOlle and The Z.
      [+]Support for categories in contextual menu.
      [+]Support for plugin configuration in system settings.
      [+]Added runtime detection for ME, so category games are now shown.
      [!]Fixed issues with PSPGo (big thanks to raing3 to help me with the debugging).
      [!]Fixed PSPGo categories, again (thx RUSTII for the tests).
      [!]Fixed the free space display when the psp returns from sleep.
      [!]Fixed PSPGo categories (thx RUSTII for the tests).
      [+]First release.

    • Make sure that this is the 1st plugin listed in your vsh.txt

    • This plugin is based and uses source code from Game Categories Revised v12 (GCR) and Game Categories Light v1.3 (GCL), both created by Bubbletune.