VITA / PS TV CATSFC (libretro Vita) v1.1 [HENkaku Edition]

A Super Nintendo Emulator for HENkaku

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Based on: CATSFC version 1.36, 2013-06-16

      A Super Nintendo emulator for PlayStation VITA, run through the native VITA hacks: Rejuvenate and now HENkaku​

      Based on:

      • Snes9x 1.43, by the Snes9x team (with research by the ZSNES folks, anomie, zsKnight, etc.)
      • NDSSFC 1.06, by the Supercard team (porting to the MIPS processor)
      • BAGSFC, by BassAceGold (improving over NDSSFC)
      • CATSFC, by ShadauxCat and Nebuleon (improving over BAGSFC)
      • CATSFC-libretro, a libretro-compliant port of CATSFC

    • Installation
      • Run the emulator using the Rejuvenate for PSM Unity hack. This emulator will likely not run under non-Unity Rejuvenate, but I haven't tested personally.

    • Usage
      • Use FTPVita (or similar) to copy over ROM files to your PSVITA system. The ROMs can be anywhere on the filesystem. Once the ROMs are on your device, run the emulator. You can configure the controls, but by default, pressing L-trigger + R-trigger during a game will bring you back to the menu.

    • Compilation
      This emulator is configured to build with the vitasdk. Also requires the following:
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