VITA / PS TV CaveStory (nxengine-libretro) Repacked with Game

A repacked (from STLcardsWS) nxengine-libretro to include the Indie Game CaveStory (aka Doukutsu)

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Cave Story (Doukutsu)

      This is a repack of the Cave Story (Doukutsu) from RetroArch (Vita) v1.3.6, Other platforms of RetroArch the game comes included the files can be found in the libretro git (here) however I slimmed the files down in the included download with vpk. Simply follow the installation Instructions in the Installation tab.

      Also, a tip as this libretro only plays this single game, you can make selecting the game each time a bit easier . View "Suggested Config" tab for more details on this tip

    • 1.) Install "nxengine_libretro.vpk"
      2.) Place "CaveStory_nxengine" folder in "ux0:/data/"​

    • Since nxengine is only a game engine for Cave Story (Doukutsu),Lets set it up to launch the game faster and we will do that by making the ux0:/data/CaveStory_nxengine/ the default browser directory.​

      To do this, within the main menu navigate to:
      Settings--> Directories---> File Browser Dir

      Now navigate to:
      ux0:/data/CaveStory_nxengine/ and select "<use this directory>'.

      Now to load a game is much easier:
      Select" Load Content"
      2.) Select "Select File"
      3.) Now select: "Doukutsu,exe"