PS2 CDGenPS2 3.0

CDGen is a utility for creating discs

  1. jolek
    • The program allows you to create a correct CD image from your own project
      and save it to *.iso or *.bin/*.cue (or exports it to *.ps2 or *.iml/*.ims).
      Allows you to create CDX and UMCDR from ready to use *.iso .

      In addition, the user has full control over the LBA!
      Very simple and convenient to use.

    • Read me:
      CDGENPS2 3.0 support the creation od images CDX
      (one track an full capacity) and UMCDR
      (two tracks and unofficial support)
      with checksum and work perfect in my test.
      The .ISO format in old versions, before  created corrupt images.
      Now it works perfectly.
      In other formats work perfect also (I have tested ;) )
      CDGENPS2 3.0 support also, the conversion of ISO to CDX or UMCDR formats.
      See in menu->Advanced->Create CDX (or UMCDR) from ISO option.
      ADVICE: In root folder use ONLY names 8+3 (ISO1).
      Names of 31 chars is not compatible with filesystem of PS2
      LICENSE TERMS: This software is completely free for NOT commercial use.
      Of course, you cannot request responsibilities to me
      by the problems/damages that this software can cause