PS2 Cheat Device for PS2 v1.7.4

Cheat device similar to Action Replay, GameShark, and CodeBreaker.

  1. jolek

    • Cheat Device is a game enhancer for PlayStation 2 games, similar to Action Replay, GameShark, and CodeBreaker.
      It supports booting retail, disc based games as well as ELF files such as OpenPS2Loader or ESR.

      • Easy to navigate menu system similar to CodeBreaker
      • Supports retail discs and loader ELFs
      • Fast loading of large cheat lists
      • Save manager for backing up and restoring game saves to/from a flash drive
      • Powered by ps2rd's powerful cheat engine
    • Storing Cheats
      Each game in the cheat database contains a cheat list,
      where each cheat contains a list of code lines to be processed by the engine during gameplay.
      Cheat databases can be stored in two formats:

      1. CDB (recommended) - A CDB file can be loaded very quickly and compressed to a small size.
      2. TXT - A TXT file can be edited in a text editor and doesn't need to be converted.
        This works well for small lists but can take a while to load if it becomes too large.

      You can use cdb-util to convert to/from CDB and TXT formats.
      The location of the cheat file needs to be set in CheatDevicePS2.ini.

      TXT Cheat Database Format
      "Game Name"
      90000000 88888888
      Cheat 1
      27654321 12345678
      Cheat 2
      12345678 98765432
      Cheat Section
      Cheat 3
      11111111 00000000
      Cheat 4
      20000004 00000001
      20000008 00000001
      // Comment line
      • A game is declared as the game's title enclosed by quotation marks followed by one or more cheats.
      • A cheat begins with a line of text followed by code lines formatted as 8 hexidecimal characters for the address, a space character, and 8 hexidecimal characters for the value.
      • When two or more cheat titles are placed on adjacent lines without code lines between them, all cheat titles before the last one will be treated as cheat sections to organize a cheat list or keep notes to be displayed.
      • A comment begins with double slashes.

      Enable Codes
      9-type enable codes (9xxxxxxx yyyyyyyy) are supported and will be automatically enabled if present in a game's cheat list. If an F-type enable code is used instead (which is common for older games), it will be silently ignored and a hook will be installed automatically by the code engine. Many games have been tested with the auto-hook function, but its best if a 9-type enable code is used.

      Some games use an enable code with additional code lines, such as Jak and Daxter. These types of enable codes can be manually enabled from the cheat menu but aren't automatically enabled since they have a tendency of overwriting parts of the code engine. Metal Gear Solid 2 does this, for example.

      Code Format
      All cheats must be in "RAW" format; Cheat Device can't decrypt or read any other formats (ARMAX, CB1-6, CB7+, AR2, GS, etc.). However, you can use
      tools such as OmniConvert to convert any of these formats to RAW.

      Settings File
      Settings are stored in an ini file named CheatDevicePS2.ini in the directory Cheat Device is run from. [CheatDevicePS2]

      • database = Path to .CDB or .TXT cheat database
      • boot[0-4] = Paths to boot from when cheats are enabled in addition to the disk-boot option

      Default Values

      If the settings file can't be loaded, these default values will be used instead:
      • database = CheatDatabase.cdb
      • boot0 = mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
      • boot1 = mc1:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
      • boot2 = mass:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
      • boot3 = rom0:OSDSYS
      • boot4 = FASTBOOT

      Included is the CodeBreaker 10.0 database. Please report any bugs to me if you find them.
    • Current Stable Release:

      cdb-util v1.2.2:
      cdb-util Web Version (convert text cheats to CDB online):


    Here's a demo of it in action:


Recent Updates

  1. New version v1.7.4 is out.