PS4 Chip and Dale: (Remastered PS4 port) v0.1

Remake of the classic NES game Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers.

  1. STLcardsWS
    The (in)famous remake of the classic NES game Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, is now released open-source and completely free. All the levels of original game are recreated block-by-block with new graphics, physics, and improved gameplay. (via)​

    • Chip and Dale: Remastered PS4 port.
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      This game was made by RR16 studio. You can download it here. (gmk file, you need GM8 or higher to play it) And also my PSVita port here.

      You can also press O in main menu to switch between ORIGINAL and REMIX audio. (or disable audio entierly)

      Thanks to Denis (for testing), YellowAfterlife (helped with audio), and Aurora (The_Zett).

      • Stick or D-Pad: Move.
      • X: Pick or throw box.
      • O: Jump.

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