VITA / PS TV Chocolate Doom R1 v3.0.0

Vita Port of Chocolate Doom (also supports Heretic, Hexen and Strife)

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    • Chocolate Doom

      This is a Vita port of Chocolate Doom, which is a Doom source port. It supports the original Doom games, as well as Heretic, Hexen and Strife, and adds some extra features while staying as close to the vanilla game(s) as possible.

      • supports Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife;
      • sound and music, including OPL3 and PC Speaker emulation, as well as OGG music support (untested);
      • single integrated launcher for all supported games that allows setting most configuration options;
      • supports custom files (PWADs, LMPs, DEHs, demos, etc.);
      • supports almost all features of Chocolate Doom.

    • Installation guide

      Download (latest release):

      VPK <v0.1 (~5.1 MB) (~3.7 MB)
      1. Install the VPK.
      2. Extract to ux0:/ (root of memory card).
      3. Copy your IWAD files (see table below) to ux0:/data/chocolate/iwads.

    • Launcher controls
      • LTrigger/RTrigger: select tab;
      • Up/Down: select option;
      • Left/Right: adjust option;
      • Cross: activate option (runs selected game when in Game tab);
      • Start: save settings and launch the game you have selected in the Game tab;
      • Circle: save settings and exit launcher; cancel selection when in file select dialog.
      Controls for a particular game can be viewed and changed in the Buttons and Input tabs of the launcher. Default basic controls for most games are as follows:
      • LStick: move/strafe;
      • RStick: turn/look;
      • RTrigger: fire;
      • LTrigger: run;
      • Square: use;
      • Triangle and/or Circle: change weapons;
      • Front touch: toggle map.

    • Supported games / IWADs
      To be able to run a particular game from this list, copy the corresponding IWAD file(s) to ux0:/data/chocolate/iwads.

      | Game | IWAD file(s) |
      | Shareware Doom * | `doom1.wad` |
      | Doom / Ultimate Doom | `doom.wad` |
      | Doom II | `doom2.wad` |
      | Final Doom: TNT Evilution | `tnt.wad` |
      | Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment | `plutonia.wad` |
      | Shareware Heretic * | `heretic1.wad` |
      | Heretic / Shadow of the Serpent Riders | `heretic.wad` |
      | Hexen | `hexen.wad` |
      | Strife | `strife1.wad`, |
      | | `voices.wad` |

      IWADs for games marked with * are already included in

      Loading PWADs and other custom game files
      Put all custom files for a given game into ux0:/data/chocolate/pwads/<gamedir>, where <gamedir> is doom for all Doom games, heretic for Heretic and Shareware Heretic, hexen for Hexen and strife for Strife, then use the Custom tab in the launcher to select any custom content you want. Currently the launcher allows to select 1 DEH file and up to 4 PWADs/LMPs.

      After recording a demo it will be saved to ux0:/data/chocolate/tmp/mydemo.lmp. Don't forget to copy it before recording another one.

      Saves for a particular game/IWAD are stored in ux0:/data/chocolate/savegames/<iwad>.

      If the game closes without producing a crash dump, a file named ux0:/data/chocolate/i_error.log should be generated, which contains error messages.

    • Credits
      • these people for Chocolate Doom itself;
      • Vita SDK Team for the Vita SDK;
      • rsn8887 and cpasjuste for the SDL2 port;
      • KINGGOLDrus for some launcher graphics;
      • everyone on the #henkaku and #vitasdk IRC channels for help and/or testing.