PSP Colecovision- ColEmPSP 2.6.1 2016-08-22

Colecovision- ColEmPSP 2.6.1 -Akop Karapetyan

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    -by Akop Karapetyan

    • A Colecovision Emulator for the PSP.

    • 2.6.1 (September 12 2010)

      • Now clearing all RAM to zeros (Heist works)
      • Now padding smaller ROMs with 0xFFs in LoadROM()
      • Fixed Reset9918() to reset VDP completely (Boulder Dash and Frogger)
      • Implemented SCREEN2 table address masking, thanks to Daniel Bienvenu
      • New save file format – not compatible with previous version
      2.5.2 (May 16 2010)

      • PSPLIB updated to latest version
      • Images are now saved under PSP/PHOTOS/ColEm PSP
      • Screenshot previews added to file browser
      • Time rewind – use Control tab to set any button as the ‘Rewind’ button
      2.5.1 (August 15 2008)

      • Maintenance update, mainly to synchronize with the main release
      2.4.1 (March 05 2008)

      • PSP version brought up to date with the official release (changes are mostly internal)
      • Replaced the rendering engine with a more stable one
      • When switching games, latest save state will be automatically highlighted
      2.2.2 (July 24 2007)

      • Fixed buffer overflow error affecting units without a battery
      2.2.1 (June 21 2007)

      • Initial release

    • Based on Marat Fayzullin's portable ColEm source code.

    • [​IMG]

    • Marat Fayzullin: ColEm
      Simon Tatham: fixed.fd font on which the emulator’s font is based
      Gilles Vollant: Minizip library
      Ruka: PNG saving/loading code