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    Configuration Manager v0.20


    • Here is a beta of a simple little XMB mod that allows the user to switch between boot_plugins.txt and xRegistry.sys files. To install it initially, Simply copy the 2 category network xmls to dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xml/ and then install the tiny package. Then you can place your files into the folders which you will find at dev_hdd0/game/CONFIGMAN/USRDIR/ (one file in each folder). If you want to you can edit the relevant xml file so it shows something relating to the file you are switching on the XMB you can.​
      • Note 1: Only tested on Rebug 4.81
      • Note 2: webMAN MOD Required for the copy operation
      • Note 3: After installing this ALL config folders are empty, so add your own txt files before you use it. You can use the built in backup feature to backup your current files to the slots (see video)
      • Note 4: You must have your sprx files already in place, All this does is swap the txt files to allow for easy switching of the enabled plugins.
      • Note 5: If you want more or less "slots" you can edit the xmls quite easily.
      The main weak point in this mod is that it always requires wMM to be running for its web commands which are used to swap the files. So if you install a boot_plugins.txt file without webMAN mod contained in it, none of the options will work and you will have to add wMM again manually. (unless you are on Rebug and running webMAN mod from dev_flash via the toolbox toggle, then you are fine)

      Maybe someday we will be able to use a different system plugin for file manipulation, that way mods like this could be made webMAN Mod independent and Cobra independent, Also it would speed things up as the browser slows it down and makes it a bit clunky, would be nice and clean if it could use another plugin.

      Thanks to @Berion for the icons and @aldostools for the great features of webMAN MOD.​

    • [​IMG]

    • Here is a quick video demo showing how it works. When you select your desired configuration the PS3 will reboot almost instantly with your new boot_plugins.txt/xRegistry.sys file active.

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