PSP Custom HOME 1.3.4 2016-08-22

Custom HOME 1.3.4 (a BETTER Home Button Menu) -abcang1015

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    -by abcang1015

    • CustomHOME is the plugin that makes your HOME MENU more convenient.

      [How to use]
      The menu is displayed by pushing the Home button while playing a game.

      *plugin Disable if you press the HOME button and run the game.
      *Settings menu shows when you press SELECT-button for 2 seconds.
      *when StopGame is disable, you can pause to press START-button.

      *Exit Game: Exit the game and return to XMB.
      *Reset Game: Restart the game.
      *Shutdown: Shutdown PSP.
      *Standby: Suspend PSP.
      *Pause/Resume: Game pause / resume.
      *Back: Close menu.
      *ConnectUSB: Connect USB.
      *PspStates: Show PspStates menu.

    • 1.3.4(update 2013/06/21)
      [!]Fixed a bug that some wallpaper is not displayed well.
      [!]Update cushome.prs.

      1.3.3(update 2013/04/07)
      [!]Fixed a bug that wallpaper appears only once.

      1.3.2(update 2013/04/06)
      [!]Fixed a bug that you can not exit in some games.
      [!]Changed how to operate the menu of PSPStates.
      (In addition, please update prxcmlib_pack.)

      1.3.1(update 2013/03/17)
      [!]Fixed some bugs.

      1.3.0(update 2013/03/14)
      [+]Corresponds to the loading of the wallpaper.
      (please place the 480*272 size BMP to cushome/image/ folder.If you place it with multiple, it is chosen at random.)

      1.2.1(update 2013/03/10)
      [!]Fixed a bug this plug-in does not work on some homebrew.

      1.2.0(update 2013/03/09)
      [!]Changed the specification significantly.
      [!]Increase degree of stability.
      [!]Changed to run on homebrew valid HOME screen.
      [+]Added the ability to save state by pressing yes while holding down the L trigger in Exit Game dialog.(Go only)
      (Please release the L trigger when HOME screen is closed. In addition, this feature is temporary and I plan to add to the menu after.)

      1.1.0(update 2012/02/14)
      [!]Fixed a bug that does not work on PSP1000
      [+]Add Chinese ini file
      [!]Fixed many minor bugs

      1.0.0(update 2012/01/01)
      [!]End beta version, became the official version!
      [+]Settings can be specified in detail.
      [!]Separate configuration files and language files(So, please update ini file.)
      [-]Stop support Homebrew.

      beta 0.9.1(update 2011/10/09)
      [!]Change CPU/BUS display position.

      beta 0.9.0(update 2011/10/09)
      [+]add edit plugin-txt function.
      This can not load up to only 22 lines.

      beta 0.8.3(update 2011/10/02)
      [!]fix suspend thread bug.

      beta 0.8.2(update 2011/09/25)
      [+]add disp CPU/BUS function.
      [!]fix pspstates_kai.prx bug.
      [!]update iniLibraryPortable.

      beta 0.8.1(update 2011/09/19)
      [!]fix GameReset bug.

      beta 0.8.0(update 2011/09/18)
      [!]fix a few bugs.
      [!]change draw way
      [!]update cushome.prs
      [+]add connect USB function
      [+]add color change type

      beta 0.7.2(update 2011/09/01)
      [!]fix a few bugs.
      [+]add Homebrew option.
      [+]add selectable colors.
      (chose pressing [<-] or [->], and decide pressing [X])
      [+]add ini file.(Thanks Llywelyn)

      beta 0.7.1(update 2011/08/16)
      [!]fix ini file bug.
      (please replace new ini file)

      beta 0.7.0(update 2011/08/16)
      [+]Supported CFW6.60
      [!]fix "%monthname" display
      [+]Were able to stop the game by pressing START.
      [+]Was to open the setting screen by pressing SELECT.
      [!]fix a few bugs.
      [+]Changes to [X] button to select [O] button to return and close the menu by pressing the HOME.
      (Alternates with [○] and [×] have enabled SwapButton.)
      [+]Supported spstates_kai.prx(pspstates is not Supported.)
      [+]add "states_menu_pict" function.(Thanks plum, hiroi01, neur0n)
      [!]IniLibraryPortable changed from iniLibrary. (Thanks hiroi01)
      [-]Remove some functions.
      [!]update cushome.prs
      [+]add icon(Thanks SAL)

      beta 0.6.4(update 2011/07/24)
      [fix]fix game reset function.
      [change]Changed to work only with the game that is shown the original HOME menu.
      *There is no need to update cmlib

      beta 0.6.3(update 2011/07/16)
      [fix]Support for FW6.39 - 05g model
      [change]Changing the settings menu to new style.
      [change]Change the position of the game ID, Brightness, name of the game
      [add]Add brightness icon.(Thanks Lock!)

      beta 0.6.2(update 2011/07/10)
      [fix]ifx battery icon.
      [add]add brightness display.
      [change]Changes to the selected point at the top when you redisplay the menu.
      [add]Supported pspstates

      beta 0.6.1(update 2011/6/25)
      [add]You can display warning when battery is low and menu display.
      [add]prxlibmenu.prx and cmLibMask.prx support.
      So,please place the lib folder.(They are also used pwrCtrl.)
      [add]You can network update from Internet radio.
      please place the "cushome.prs" onms0:/PSP/RADIOPLAYER.

      beta 0.6
      [add]Menu and Volume is able to hide after a few seconds. (Thanks SnyFbSx)
      [add]The settings can detail change.
      [add]Change font color (red, green or blue)
      [add]hide the menu when pressing "<-" ,display the menu when pressing"->".

      beta 0.5fix
      [fix]Fix language display.
      [fix]Fix readme txt.

      beta 0.5
      [fix]Fixed not disabled bug when you start pressing HOME buttons.
      [fix]Fixed Do not displayed the battery time remaining on PSPGo.
      [fix]Fixed button behavior bug that happens when the Menu.
      [change]Remove the display brightness.
      [update]The description can enabled / disable
      [add]German support. (Fsi09 Thank you!)
      [add]Support CFW6.39.
      [add]Add a confirmation dialog.
      [add]The trial games's Game ID is displayed..
      [add]Add a function that stop the game when the menu display.
      [add]Add pause function (Only Stop Game is OFF)

      beta 0.4
      [add]GameID is displayed.(You can change from setteings.)
      [update]Support PSPGo and Homebrew.
      [add]Add mute function.(You can change from setteings.)
      [fix]Fixed settings are not saved.

      beta 0.3
      [fix]You don't need restart after changing.
      [add]Add restart game function.(this function disabled when you use "Prometheus Iso Loader".)
      [update]Fixed to show all games(There are some flickers of the screen and noises of the sound.)
      [add]The game name is displayed.
      [add]Customizable dates format is now available!
      [change]PSPGo and PS1 are not support.

      beta 0.2
      [add]The volume and brightness are displayed.
      [add]The language change support.(Japanese or English.)
      [add]The button change support.(you need restart after changing.)

    • [PSPStates.prx]

      Please use "pspstates_kai.prx".
      *CAN'T use "pspstates.prx".

      How to use pspstates in CustomHOME:

      Put "pspstates_kai.prx" in seplugins directory.
      Enable PSPStates in CustomHOME settings.

      How to use is displayed on PSPStates menu.

    • Supported by the following people...
      (The titles omitted):

      hiroi01, SnyFbSx, j416dy, neur0n, plum, mafu, Dadrfy, estuibal.

      iniLibrary by hiroi01
      LibMenu by maxem
      prxlibmenu by wn

      translate SnyFbSx, mamosuke, Misaka
      german translate Fsi09, flofrucht

      Thanks to every developer.