VITA / PS TV DoggyTwiceVT 0.2

Logical game where point is to make all "coins" gold by turning them in right order.

  1. kozarovv

    • (Google translate)

      First on dry goods, this game four years ago sony's pss release based on C # development kit when I had a transplant PSV, but since too many restrictions, no way to even publish.

      Recently homemade system Henkaku published, this is the C language. Study a few days, and finally re-transplantation success.

      This is what I do in high school when a small game, although the content is extremely simple, but in order to commemorate that period of time, basically every new contact with a platform I will use it to practice hand, so far, almost all can think of platform transplant. These days if you have time to do another transplant a few childhood games practiced hand.

    This HENkaku Homebrew was developed by: