PS4 DOSBox 0.74 (PS2) on PS4 W.I.P.

The PS2 port of DOSbox running on the PS4 (Work in Progress)

  1. STLcardsWS
    DOSBox 0.74 PS2 on PS4 WIP Port Fake PKG by DragonSurfer.jpg
    Note: This is labeled as a Work in Progress (w.i.p.) Release

    • via psxhax:
      DOSBox 0.74 PS2 on PS4 WIP
      by DragonSurfer

      Hello, I made this work-in-progress (WIP) port package to run DOSBox 0.74 on the PS4 using uLaunchELF by Nominus and PS2 DOSBox by belek666. I take no credit for any of these programs.

      Simply install the PS4 PKG, run filebrowser then navigate to cdfs then select ps2dosbox.elf. DOSBox loads fine but will not accept input or run games as its not seeing the DOSBox.conf file... I added the file but its not looking for it in the right spot I think.

      If anyone wants to play around with it simply decompile the FPKG using the standard password (00000000000000000000000000000000)

      I believe the traditional location for DOSBox.conf would be in mass: which uLaunchELF doesn't see on the PS4. If someone could remap that program someday to find different storage locations it would help marvelously with homebrew like this.

      I think that uLaunch ELF also does not work with a USB keyboard on the PS4. I dont know if this can be reconfigured or not.