PS2 DOSBox -

DOSBox for ps2

  1. jolek

    Here is @belek666 poc build of DOSBox for ps2 from svn src code.
    It's based on psp port and has working dynamic core.
    Currently it is using only mass device and should be started from there.
    Compatible keyboard/mouse is needed.

    At default:
    • left analog of pad works as mouse
    • L1 and R1 as mouse buttons
    • arrows as keyboard arrows
    • SELECT - esc
    • START - enter
    • TRIANGLE - w
    • CIRCLE - d
    • CROSS - s
    • SQUARE - a.
    • By pressing L1 + R1 + START + DOWN, pad goes to joystick mode,
    • L1 + R1 + SELECT + DOWN back to keyboard/mouse mode.

    Simple games should work. It's bugged/not finished, ported for fun. Use it at own risk.

    - added support for hdd (at start "+DOSBOX" partition is mounted as "pfs0:/" )
    - added support for dosbox special keys
    - fixed some bugs

    For comfort you can add to "dosbox.conf":
    mount c mass:[name of the directory]
    dir /w
    mount c mass:OldGames
    dir /w
    To mount your flash drive and to view its content.