VITA Ds4vita 1.1

Plugin that enable Dualshock 4 controller for your PS Vita

  1. kozarovv


    • Enable the plugin:

      1. Add ds4vita.skprx to taiHEN's config (ux0:/tai/config.txt):
      2. You need to refresh the config.txt by rebooting or through VitaShell.

      Using it for the first time (pairing the controller):

      1. Go to Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices
      2. Press SHARE+PS on the DS4 for about 3-4 seconds, until the lightbar blinks very quickly
      3. The DS4 will then connect and be paired (don't press over it when it appears)

      Using it once paired (see above):

      1. Just press the PS button and it will connect to the Vita
      Note: If you use Mai, don't put the plugin inside ux0:/plugins because Mai will load all stuff you put in there...

    • ds4vita 1.1

      • Hook ctrl peek2 and read2 (PS4 remote play works, yay!)
      • Proper L2/R2 and L3/R3 support
      • Only overwrite front touchscreen
      • Reduce DS4 analog deadzone to 3

      ds4vita 1.0.1

      • Add sceMotionGetState hook (thanks to @DavisDev)
      • Reduce ksceCtrlSetAnalogEmulation delay (should improve analog sensibility)

      ds4vita 1.0

      • Fixed a bug which caused misbehavior when using other Bluetooth devices along with a DS4.

      ds4vita beta 2.2

      • Fix kernel joystick emulation

      ds4vita beta 2.1.1

      • Fix right analog up/down

      ds4vita beta 2.1

      • Reduce emulated buttons duration (should feel more responsive now)
      • Call ksceCtrlSetAnalogEmulation with proper parameters
      • Reset input emulation data when disconnecting

      ds4vita beta 2

      • Use ctrl emulation functons instead of hooking (buttons and analogs), this means that the PS button works now.

      ds4vita beta 1.4

      • Reset auto-suspend timer when buttons or touch change.

      ds4vita beta 1.3.2

      • Reduce thread stack and mempool sizes (smaller footprint)
      • Also map R2 to R and L2 to L

      ds4vita beta 1.3.1

      • Also hook the sceCtrlReadBuffer{Positive, Positive2} functions (should increase Game compatibility)

      ds4vita beta 1.3

      • Check if DS4 sticks/touchpad are moved/press before overwriting vita input.

Recent Updates

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