VITA / PS TV Dstroy Vita - Bomberman-like game for PSVITA v1.0

A Bomberman-like game for an exploited PSVITA / PSTV

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    • Dstroy
      Dstroy is a bomberman-like game. It was originally developped FBS in 1995, on DOS.

      It supports up to 2 players with PSVITA on the same console (look at Controls section to understand how to play) and up to 4 players with PSTV with multiple controllers support.​

      • X place bomb
      • Analog/Dpad move character
      • L place bomb for 1st player on PSVITA
      • R place bomb for 2nd player on PSVITA
      • Touchscreen interact with ImGui menubar

      • ocornut for dear ImGui
      • HtheB for the Livearea assets and for testing the game
      • xy2_ for translating several game lines from French to English
      • rsn8887 for fixing shader for vitaGL usage and for multiplayer support
      • All my patroners for their awesome support: