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Duck Hunt 1.3 -Scionsamurai

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    -by Scionsamurai​

    • Duck Hunt is a famous game created by Nintendo in 1984 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game you need to shoot ducks, do resume to the next round. However, every round the ducks start to fly faster, and it becomes harder to shoot them.

      Now you can play this on your PSP, and a little bit different. Since the PSP version has different game modes, and different shooting ways.

    • *Added New Game Mode
      *Updated Menu

    • The first version of the Duck Hunt port (unofficially called Version OR), was released in 2009 by Scionsamurai. After that, there was no update, but it seemed that there were a lot of retro fans that still wanted to see an update.

      So development of an unofficial update begun late 2011.

      The first released version was released begin 2012, and the project was renamed to Duck Hunt PSP. Unlike Version OR, Duck Hunt PSP has been ported to firmwares 6.XX and featured a new EBOOT.PBP

      The “HD” mode in the game has been inspired by the rumor of a new Duck Hunt remake for the Nintendo Wii. It was rumored that Hudson Soft was working on it, but it soon was noted as a fake report, but I took inspiration from it. It was integrated in the 1.2 update.

      Due not much inspiration, the project hasn’t received an update since early 2013 til late 2014. There are some small things that can be added.
      When Duck Hunt PSP first released, there were to version downloadable at the same time. Version OR, and Beta 2 were downloadable at the same time on the official google code, so players could compare, and leave suggestions. After one year Version OR was deleted, and the google code featured only Duck Hunt PSP releases.

      After 3 years, on April 20th, a small update has been released: Version 1.3.

      This version has a new “Horror” game mode added, and it is one of the many game modes that will come in future updates.

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