PS2 Dummy File Creator 1.2

A simple program which generates files of any size

  1. jolek

    • A simple program which generates files of any size with ease.
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      It's easy! Simply:
      1. Execute Dummy File Creator
      2. Input desired file size (integer) and unit
      3. Click on "Browser" (ALT+B) to choose desired file name and location
      4. Click on the check box(ALT+R) if you want a file with randomly generated content
      5. Click on create (ALT+C) and the program will start generating a file
      6. The program will stop when the progress bar reaches 100%
      7. Click on "Exit" (ALT+X) to quit this program
    • Commandline Edition (DummyCMD.exe) Usage Example

      Dummy File Creator 1.2 Commandline Edition
      Copyright c 2008 Nikko Cheng
      Generates a dummy file
      C:\>DummyCMD test.txt 102400000 1
      Dummy File Creator 1.2 Commandline Edition
      Copyright c 2008 Nikko Cheng
      Generating file: 100%
      Total Data Written: 102,400,000 byte(s)
      Time used: 2.34375 second(s)
      Average Write Speed: 42,666 KB/sec

      Batch File Format

      Batch file list is a pure text file contain lines of following format:


      So a typical batch list would contain lines similar like the following:
      C:\Temp\Directory 1\1.txt 1024 0
      C:\Temp\1.txt 0 0
      C:\Temp\2.txt 1024 0
      C:\Temp\3.txt 2048 1
      C:\Temp\4.txt 1048576 1

      Please note that RANDOM_SWITCH can only be a value of 0 or 1.
      Files will automatically be overwritten if exists.
    • Technical Facts.

      • File Stream -
        Unlike previous version, Dummy File Creator 1.2 generates files in 4MB increment in order to increase performance of large file generation. To generate a 50MB file, Dummy File Creator will write 4MB data chunk 12 times and a 2MB chunk once to complete the task. In most cases, this behavior is unnoticeable. However, for people who would like to fill a disk drive with a larger-than-capacity dummy file. Dummy File Creator will try to fill the drive with closest size in 4MB increment. For example, if you are trying to fill a 50MB SD Card with a 1GB dummy file, Dummy File Creator will report an error and abort the operation after the size of generated file reaches 48MB, not 50MB as the software was unable to complete the writing task of the last 4MB data chunk. For data wiping purpose, this is already sufficient as all the of the available space was filled before the disk full error occurs; it is just that the last write operation attempt failed and resulted a size gap. Please keep this in mind if you are performing similar tasks.

      • Random Content -
        Dummy File Creator 1.2 writes random bytes ranging from 0 to 255. However, unlike previous version which generates true random file content, Dummy File Creator 1.2 uses a different approach in random content generation in order to increase the performance of random content generation. Dummy File Creator now will generate 4MB of random data and reuse the same data by altering only some bytes at random locations for each subsequent write. While the result still defeats all of the compression software we tested (i.e. a larger compressed file than the original size), but it is still possible to compress this pseudo-random content if a specifically designed compression algorithm targeted at Dummy File Creator (very unlikely) is used. To design such algorithm, it must use dictionary words with length ranging from 1 to 4,194,303 bytes. Most people will not notice this change, but for people who are developing compressing algorithms, it is recommended to use the previous version which generates true random contents (but much slower) for testing.

      • Compressible Content -
        Dummy File Creator 1.2 still writes ' ' (space character, Decial: 34, HEX: 20) as repeated content.
    • Here is another similar tool, PS2 DUMMY Creator v0.1 by krat0s:

    Files that are created with this program can be used to write DVD disc e.g. for ESR from CD to have at least 1 GB.