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    ESRPatcher Pro by insanity5000.

    Latest Update:
    - Tab navigation now handled correctly
    - GetStockObject() is now used to return the default GUI font instead of CreateFont()

    Previous Updates:
    - Patched images, that are then unpatched are more like the original.
    - Lots of source cleanup (no more warnings, bugs fixed)
    - Fixed a bug with font creation (most likely very few were affected by this bug)
    - Updated filters to include .BIN and .MDF (haven't tested either, but according to some, it should work just fine)
    - Windows are hard coded and no longer in the resource file
    - Unicode Support (also updated bootsector's code)
    - Ability to remove files from list view (highlight them and press the Delete key)
    - source cleanup
    - New icon!
    - Fixed problem with parsing parameters (it would only parse correctly if 2 or more parameters were specified) so dragging a single file onto the executable should work now.
    - Added the ability to parse files as parameters (for dragging onto the EXE or from command prompt)
    - Fixed Drag and Drop problems on Single & Batch File windows

    Windows build written in C using Win32 API and resources.

    - Batch Mode
    - Single File Mode
    - Drag and Drop for both modes
    - Auto detection of action to perform
    - "Quick patch" mode

    Source is included. Feedback appreciated

    Known Problem:
    - If you launch the program with an unsupported file in the parameters (either by drag and drop, or command line) the "Quick Patch Mode" will popup, but won't do anything, you have to close the app and reopen it in order to make it return to normal.