EUCLIOD is a stylistic bullet hell game with several levels (with support for custom levels too)

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    • EUCLIOD is a stylistic bullet heck game with several levels (with support for custom levels too), different kind of enemies and bosses and different playable ships. It also has a difficulty bar so unexperienced player with bullet heck games can start practicing.

      The game has been developed by HexZyle for 3DS using lpp-3ds, i ported it to PSVITA (lpp-vita) and did several bugfixes to his code.

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    • r8:

      • First Vita port version.
      • Enabled audio code: sounds work perfectly on PSVITA version.
      • Several bugfixes in bosses logic being broken due to wrong math calculations.
      • Added support to analogs.
      • Enhanced mode (444 Mode) will be automatically turned on for PSVITA.

      • Square: Shoots
      • R: Focus Mode (halve movement speed, and uses an alternate weapon)
      • Select: Take screenshot (in ux0:/data/EUCLIOD/screenshots)
      • You can remap the Fire and Focus controls to Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, L, R in the options menu if you don't like the default.

    • The game will load from any level named correctly. levelx.dat should be the filename where x is the number with no spacers. The game will state invalid if the file does not exist or if the file does not have "v001" on the first line.
      The game will likely crash if you have both these but the syntax in the file is incorrect.

      v001 //add this to the start of every level you make, it won't start without it

      Every line has to be exactly 20 characters long, in this exact format (my text-parser programming skills suck)
      The first 6-digit number is the frame the enemy spawns, if you're not lagging this should be 60 per second.

      The second cell is the enemy that's spawning.

      - "en01" (Fighter) is the enemy that targets you with bullets
      - "en02" (Bomber) is the enemy that sits still and shoots slow bullets directly downwards
      - "en03" (Strafer) is the sliding enemy that lays down a curtain
      - "en04" (Helix) is the enemy that shoots a helix of bullets and diagonal shots alternatively
      - "en05" (Kamikaze) is a slow moving enemy that proceeds down the screen and then detonates into a ring of bullets if not destroyed
      - "en06" (Asteroid) is a large object that soaks up player shots. Graphic and direction is deterministic based on the frame it was spawned in
      - "en07" (Odin) individual mob. Untested.
      - "bo01", "bo02" and "bo03" are the three current bosses, and spawn after a warning is flashed on screen. Note that two bosses cannot be spawned within a short period of eachother. (and probably not even on the same level, this is largely untested)

      The third cell is what side of the screen the enemy will enter. Top, Left, or Right. Note that I haven't tested how en03 works when entering from the Top, and I haven't tested how bo01 works when entering from Left or Right. The whole enemy spawning system is really bare-bones at the moment.

      The final cell is the coordinate the enemy spawns at. For Top spawning enemies, this number is the X-coordinate they spawn at, (between 0-400 for left-right) and for Left and Right spawning enemies, this is the Y coordinate. (0-240 for top-bottom)

      Okay, bored now?

      NOTE: On PSVITA version, a rescaler is used so the position values must be multiplied per 2,2666 to get where it will spawn on PSVITA screen with this formula:

      psvita_screen_pos = 3ds_screen_pos * 2,2666 + 27

      • Download the Data files and extract it in ux0:/data
      • Download the VPK and install it.

      • HexZyle for this awesome game. I really loved it on 3DS, that's why i decided to port it to PSVITA.
      • Flash-Original for doing some custom icons and graphics stuffs for the PSVITA version.

    • I want to leave here also the official 3DS version thread cause i think it's an homebrew that really deserve some attention: ... ds.419553/

      If you're willing to make custom levels, maybe post them even of this thread for 3DS users.
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