PS2 EzISO Renamer 1.2

This program will add Game ID from Game Image (ISO)

  1. jolek
    EzISO Renamer by RaydenX.

    • This program will help you rename all of your ISO file to match the format supported by Open PS2 Loader
      ("SLES_XXX.XX.Game Name.iso", etc).

      Although OPL 0.9.3 or higher doesn't need to add Game ID,
      but from my experience I notice that OPL will load list faster when
      Game ID will be eventually added.

      Place this file next to your "DVD" and "CD" folders (the ones you created for OPL), launch the program and sit back.
      In a few seconds your ISO library will be correctly renamed.
      You can also drag and drop iso files or directories containing ISO file on the program's icon to process them instantly.

      The program will automatically detect:
      - Files that are already named correctly (will be skipped)
      - File extensions that are in uppercase (files will be renamed to *.iso instead of *.ISO)
      - Filenames that are longer than 32 characters (will be skipped)

      If anything goes wrong, check the log file generated by the program for more details on what happened.

    • Changelog:
      * 2nd December 2013 (v1.2)
      - Added drag and drop support for files and directories
      - Major code rewriting
      - Some bugs fixed
      - Improved ReadMe
      * 15th September 2013 (v1.1)
      - Cleaned up code a bit
      - Better handling of "end-of-world scenarios"
      - Improved Log reports
      - Improved ReadMe
      * 14th September 2013 (v1.0.2)
      - Fixed bug when folders are not found
      * 13th September 2013 (2) (v1.0.1)
      - Fixed bug when folders are empty
      * 13th September 2013 (v1.0)
      - Initial Release