PS3 FCEUltra-PS2-premade-ISO 20190106

PS2 NES Emulator files for PS3 HAN users

  1. ShaolinAssassin
    Nothing new here. I just thought we should upload here our tested-working-ready-to-use PS2 isos for PS3 HAN users. :)

    FCEUltra version included: fceumm-ps2-0.90i (2018/04/27) updated by belek666, posted here.

    Credits: ragnarok2040, bootsector, @belek666

    * How to use *

    1. Extract,
    2. Put your your rom files (unzipped, as *.nes files) in the ROMS folder,
    3. Open cdgenPS2 (get it here), drag-and-drop FCEUltra-PS2-premade-ISO folder content in cdgenPS2 window, then FILE > Save Image;
    4. Convert your new *.bin file as PS2 Classic using PS2 Classic GUI,
    5. Sign the ouput PKG using PS3XPLOIT Resigner and install it on your PS3.

    * Note about FCEUltra *

    FCEUltra requires that YOU create a folder named FCEUMM in mc0/: (or just copy the one I included in the files) to be able to save the emu settings and your game saves.

    * Note about this ISO *

    For an obscure reason, I have to include a dummy file in the ISO file to be able to launch it (otherwise, I get a black screen and error code). Feel free to remove it if you want.
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