FCEU is a console emulator of a NES\Famicom

  1. jolek

    Recently infval made some improvements to FceuMM-PS2.
    Here is his repo:
    Here is AKuHAK repo with integrated changes:

    Warning: delete old FCEUltra.cnf, new default button mapping is used.

    • Added video mode DTV 640x480.
    • Added "4-Players Adaptor" option to "Configure Input". Have to work with multitap.
    • Added fceu-packed.x.3.x.cdvdsupport.elf - with CD/DVD support.
    • Sound has 4 options: off, 11025Hz, 22050Hz, 44100Hz. With lower sound quality you can get much better performance.
    • Added option to configure input in gui.
    • Save path fixed and applied right after saving config.
    • Turbo buttons have been added to config. RapidFire has been deleted.
    • Fixed memory usage when selecting palette.
    • Added default FCEU palette and some palettes from libretro. VS. UniSystem uses proper palette (default FCEU). Added PAL (Kinopio) palette. Replaced NES Classic (FBX-FS) with NES Classic (FBX). Change palettes' names and order.
    • Button L3 "Insert Coin" (VS. UniSystem).
    • Added aspect ratio option to in-game menu: Full Screen, Best Fit (4:3 NTSC display).
    • Fixed screen size (639 -> 640, height - 1 -> height).
    • Interlacing enabled by default.
    • Browser: Sorting filenames by name. Folder and file icons from uLE.
    • Add Autofire Patterns for turbo buttons.
    • Fixed loading screen offsets (Center Screen option).
    Known bugs:
    • Exit to ELF doesn't work as should.
    • 480p renders very big screen.
    • Chinese multitaps doesn't work.

    I've also notice that this app, doesn't have an icon for PS2 MC Browser.
    So, maybe this icon may help:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Files for Download are attached into Discussion: