PS3 Flappy Bird Family 1.0

A PS3 Port of Flappy Bird Family by Sandroron

  1. STLcardsWS
    PS3 Port (Lua) : by @Sandroron

    • v1.0
      • Added Sound Support
      • Improved Graphics


      • Added New Scoring System
      • Added New background

      • New Graphics
      • New Birds
      • Enemies and Bonus Eggs
      • Pause Mode

      Also, I'll add multiplayer and saving of score in the next versions

      • Added support for 720x480 resolution
      • Stable FPS
      • New graphics, physics and visual effects etc.
      Note: this game was programmed for 720x480 resolution but it looks fine on Full HD TVs. You can stretch the screen in the settings of your TV.

      • - Fixed bug with endless counting
      • - Fixed bug of crashing game after 29th point
      • - A bit more fps
      • - One game in one pkg. (thanks aldostools and bitsbubba)

      • It supports only 1920x1080 Resolution!
      • This game lags!
      • Press L3 to exit the game otherwise the console freezes and restarts!
      • Max score is 99!
      • Press or hold L1 or R1 for jump!
      • Press START for restart!

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