VITA / PS TV Flood - It HENkaku Edition

A PSVita / PSTV Homebrew Game for HENkaku (& Rejuvenate)

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Flood-It! vpk

      • THis is a vpk that you can install with molecularShell (HENkaku) on your PS VITA.

    • A little homebrew game for the PSVITA / PSTV where you have to fill a grid of color.

      • Add sound when user click something
      • First install NotEngine_PSV
      • Enter into the floodit project directory type "make -f Makefile.psp2"
      • Now you should have floodit.velf in the root folder
      • PSP2SDK & VITASDK team
      • #vitadev - #demofr - #openpandora
      • Leency for the floodit game for kolibrios ( I used his color scheme :)
      All icons comes from the Google Material Design Icons ( The font used is Droid Sans. The other GFX was made with GIMP.