PS3 Flow Rebuilder 5.2.0

Tool to handle NAND and NOR dumps during downgrading. Only tool that handle DECR, for advanced users

  1. kozarovv
    Flow Rebuilder
    • Hi Guys,

      I'm not offering to patch NAND dumps anymore that original FlowRebuilder couldn't handle. So I've decided to release my modified version of FlowRebuilder that can handle any dump (been too lazy to create a new tool that would do the exact same thing.. [​IMG] ).

      There's not much to say, you just use it like the original one. It's been tested with 700+ dumps which the original version couldn't handle. So if you get an error while unscrambling, you can be 100% certain that at least one of your two raw dumps is bad. On the other hand a successful unscramble doesn't mean your dumps are valid. It's not a validator.

      I've also added a block mapping editor that enables you to move blocks around on the raw dumps. In 99.9% of cases you will not need this feature. It's only required if you for example swap out the original nands and replace them with spare ones that have bad blocks on them. Theoretically it might also happen that a valid block goes bad while writing back your dumps to the original nands. But actually I've never heard of this happening to anyone.



    • Update 5.1:
      - Added support for 264MB NANDs (DECR)

      Update 5.2:
      - Bugfix for DECR. All kind of dumps/algos are now supported.

      FlowRebuilder 5.2:

      Source code:

    • Many thanks to NDT for the original version, to xorloser for the original mapping algo and to RPS for the ECC algo. They deserve all credits.

      Have fun..

      -- judges