VITA / PS TV Flppy Bird v1.3

A port of Flappy Bird for the HENkaku Exploit on PS Vita or PlayStation TV

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    • FlppyBird

      FlppyBird by developer gambikules is a clone/port of famous Flappy Bird to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV for enjoyment with the HENkaku exploit.

      Features include
      • Sound
      • PlayStation TV Controls Supported
      • High Score Save
      • Rear Touchpad Support (Vita)
      • Displays Battery Info (Vita)

    • Controls
      • Tap screen to fly or cross button
      • R trigger for enable/disable rear touch pad

    • v1.3
      • rear touch pad support
      • your best score saved
      • battery info
      • PSTV Controls
      • Sound Added
      v0.1 Alpha
      • Initial Release

Recent Updates

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