PS2 FMCB\FHDB Noobie Package

An exploit for PlayStation 2 that allows you to run Homebrew programs.

  1. jolek
    Here is a FMCB\FHDB Noobie Package that comes with four* versions.

    * - More info can be found in FHDB tab.

    If an installer will ask:
    Do you want to keep "FREEMCB.CNF" or "FREEHDB.CNF", select "No".
    Without updating these settings, you'll not have shortcuts for new apps (e.g. OPL 1392).

    I decided not to put (for now) apps for HDD in APP-HDD.
    Apps for HDD will be in BOOT-HDD.
    All apps will be copied into "hdd0:/__sysconf/FMCB/".

    Source of the package: