PS4 fmsx (MSX MSX2 and MSX2+ emulator for PS4) No Compiled DL

A emulator for MSX MSX2 and MSX2+ by psxdev (bigboss)

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    fMSX for PlayStation 4

    • What does this do?
      fMSX is an emulator made by Marat Fayzullin. It is not open source and don't let commercial use of it but it is easy to port to many devices. So respect his license condition. You can get all information about it at:

      About PS4 Port: MSX2 is loaded by default, if you have a bluetooth keyboard you can write your basic programs :p
      Press :but l2: + :but r2: to go to menu where you can browser in your pc/mac folders to choose a ROM or DSK or CAS press X
      You can go to settings pressing triangle

      You can choose MSX MSX2 and MSX2+ and PAL or NTSC mode, pressing :but x:
      Red power button let you reset the msx system with new settings.
      1. I wait that this can help to developers really interested in homebrew if you want piracy this is not for you. Respect the licenses from fMSX part please.


      • 12/10/2018 msxorbis code for 5th MSX RU Sevilla 2018
      • 25/12/2017 Initial release
      • 23/06/2018 5.05 support