VITA / PS TV Freeway Mutant v1.0

A port of Freeway Mutant to the Vita

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    (Note Sceenshots are from Android version)

    • Freeway Mutant [GameMaker 1.4 port, GayMaker]
      I recently got into the Vita scene again and was amazed that something as big as the recent GayMaker software for porting GameMaker games to Vita could go ignored on these forums. So I decided to take the source code for a GameMaker 1.4 game and do a quick-and-dirty compile to give me an idea how the software could be used. For example, I enabled touch input in the vpk settings so the screen emulates a left mouse click wherever you touch it. I know this is far from the largest contribution to these forums but I wanted to showcase GameMaker on Vita as it has the potential ti pave the way for some brilliant ports and original homebrew.

      Controls are all touch, you guide the character along the path using your finger.​