VITA / PS TV Frying Master v2

A game inspired by a mini game from "Super Mario Party"

  1. STLcardsWS

    • Frying Master

      Hello guys, lately i found all the necessary files to build for Vita with Unity so i decided to port one of the games im currently working for Android to PSVita.
      Its called Frying Master originally made for Android its fully converted for the PS Vita, Its playable with Gyroscope or Vita's Joystick and buttons. The game is inspired by a mini game from "Super Mario Party" it has two modes, endless where you have to cook patties before the time limit and 4 sides where you have to cook all four sides of a steak and make a high score.

      Controls 1
      • Left joystick: Controls the pan.
      • X: Flips steak.
      Controls 2
      • Gyroscope Controls the pan.
      • Sudden upward movement of the device flips the steak (Device flick).
      • Cutting Mini Game
      • Touch screen or press x to cut. (i suggest you doing both at the same time ;) )
      • Start Button Quits the mini game and takes you back to main menu.
      • (The game is gonna get more updates in the near future).
      Feel free to give any feedback here on this reddit post!