PS2 Game Boy Color (InfoGB) HDD Version 2016-09-28

Game Boy Color Emulator (for Internal Hard Drive) -KaylaKaze

  1. UniqueUserName
    -by KaylaKaze

    • Game Boy Color emulator for the PS2.


    • -Added cdfs support

      -fixed a PAL bug (hopefully)

    • This is the HD compatible version of InfoGB.
      You should be able to figure it out.
      At the file select screen, if you need to go back to partition select, press CIRCLE.

      Make sure you select a GB file.
      If you tell it to run something else, it'll try to run it and probably crash.
      It has rudimentary rom checking but since the GB files don't have a file type identifyer, the checker sometimes makes mistakes.

    • [​IMG]

    • InfoGB written by Jays Factory (or something like that)

      This InfoGB-HD is based on '7Not6's PS2 port of InfoGB.

      This modded port was done by KaylaKaze (1/1/2005).
      This version adds HDD support and bug fixes.