PS2 Game Boy Color (InfoGB) USB Version 2016-09-28

Game Boy Color Emulator (for External Hard/Flash Drive) -KarasQ

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    -by KarasQ

    • Game Boy Color emulator for the PS2.


    • => Rev.6c
      - Fixed: No-sound issue with some ROMs
      - Fixed: Sound buffer overloading issue
      - Added: Ability to remember position on browser list, after back to menu
      - Added: Possibility to run ROM with longer file name than 32 characters, if
      save device is set to MASS
      - Removed: Save and Load config option from ingame-menu (all configuration files
      will be saved automatically)
      - Changed: Turbo config on/off option. Now it will force setting
      buttons configuration after switching to ON
      => Rev.6b
      - Added: Show FPS option in menu
      - Added: 64K RAM size support
      - Fixed: sound issue (not property synchronized)
      - Fixed: sound timing for ROMs which works in Double Speed Mode
      - Optimized: sound processing function (reduced function calls,
      which caused low rate FPS in ROMs which work in CPU Double Speed Mode)
      => Rev.6a
      - Added: Access to mc1:/ device
      - Added: Support for sub-directories
      - Added: Sorting list (separately for folders and files)
      - Added: Possibility to change buttons configuration
      - Added: New In-browser menu with options (push start in browser)
      - Added: Load and Save Game State (beta)
      - Improved: CPU core (minor changes)
      - Improved: Real Time Clock
      - Improved: Preselected ROM option
      - Changed: GUI - the way of selecting devices, some warning boxes etc.
      - Removed: File gb.brm (what that file was for?)
      And a lot of changes invisible for users
      => Rev.5c
      - Fixed bug: program stop on white-screen when folder PS2GB already
      exists, but the file gb.brm dosen't exist in the same time (hopefully)
      - Improved: MBC3 controller - should resolve problem with battery-backed save game
      - Added: USB Mass Storage Support
      - Added: Real Time Clock support for MBC3 controller
      - Added: ability to back to browser when ROM can't be loaded
      - Added: ability to run cardridge type:
      * 'Hudson-HuC3'
      ==== InfoGB by dlanor ====
      => Rev.4
      - Added pad Triangle reponse like 'Return' and 'BROWSE' entries
      (Use it to exit from ROM folders or switch between MC/CDROM)
      - Moved 'Return' entry from end of ROM list to its start instead
      - Improved fast scroll (D-pad Left/Right now repeats faster)
      - Fixed a bug that caused duplicate ROM entries for CD listings
      - Fixed a bug that caused overly long ROM listings to be trashed
      => Rev.3
      - Added auto_ROM CNF variable, to start a ROM automatically
      - Restructured the release package to include full source code
      => Rev.2
      - Added ability to exit from emu to user defined console manager.
      - Fixed missing support for GBC extensions on CD.
      - Added PS2GB folder with icon setup suitable for use on MC
      => Rev.1
      - Major overhaul of emu configuration and user interface.

    • Important reminder for saved games:
      If you are playing a game that saves to the GB 'battery RAM', make
      sure that you never turn off the PS2 while the game screen is showing.
      You need to make sure that the 'battery RAM' of the emulator is also
      transferred to a separate *.sav file in the save folder 'mc0:/PS2GB/'
      so that the correct saves can be restored the next time you play the
      same game. This is NOT done at the time when you save game as part of
      the gameplay. That only saves to the internal RAM of the emulator.
      The only time when such saves are transferred to mc0 is when you break
      off playing by using the submenu command "Back to the main menu". This
      takes you back to the ROM browser where you originally started the game.
      When you see that browser appear on screen, your saves are saved to the
      memory card, so you can then turn off the PS2 without 'losing place' in
      the GB game

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    • This is PS2InfoGB rev. 6c continued by KarasQ.

      It's based on dlanor's source of PS2InfoGB rev. 4.

      PS2 port of InfoGB 0.5J by '7not6'.