PS3 Gameboot Cycle Plugin 0.1

A PS3 Plugin by [email protected] that roates upto 5 different gameboots when launching apps and games

  1. MixeryMaxe

    • GameBoot Cycle v0.1
      PS3 Plugin by @MixeryMaxe

      This plugin will automatically change the GameBoots , after every time you start Games or Apps from the XMB Home Screen

      I (MixeryMaxe) tested this plugin on a 4:46 Cobra CFW. However, it should also run on higher CFW.

      1 Copy the folder "Plugins" and "boot_plugins.txt" after "/ dev_hdd0 /". Should the boot_plugins.txt already exist then the following line must be added: /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot_cycle.sprx

      2. Under the folder "/ dev_hdd0 / plugins / game boot /" Up to 5 different game Boots Be added -
      • /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_1.rco
      • /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_2.rco
      • /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_3.rco
      • /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_4.rco
      • /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_5.rco

      • When you first start the plugin backup will instantly make from the original: /dev_hdd0/Plugins/gameboot/custom_render_plugin_bak.rco After every start of Game / App Game Boots + the backup switch between the 5.

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