PSP GBA- gpSP kai 3.4 t4 b225 2016-08-22

GBA- gpSP kai 3.4 t4 b225 -takka & Exophase

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    -by takka & Exophase

    • Game Boy Advance emulator for the PSP.

      • Fixed lots of bugs, mostly inconsistencies in the program code and the code to be translated.
      • Added new lines in the emulator menu and accordingly in translation language files.
      • Painted pixel by pixel, and compiled a new font “eureka.fbm”.
        Also in the font added all German-Spanish-Portuguese-Greek characters umlauts with full Western European encoding cp1252 with the required width for each letter.
      • Fixed some items are broken before.
      • Fixed alternating list by changing the buttons in the joystick configuration.
      • Now run almost all games from ZIP archives. Previously, large files are not unpacked emulator.
      • Other minor fixes.
      • Signed to run on the official firmware, and of course on the custom firmware.

    • For emulator is available about 3000 games *.gba or *.bin format.
      To save space on the memory card, compress images * .gba in ZIP-format archives.
      Images should be expanded in the folder: "UO gрSP kai \ GBA \ ROM".

    • GIF Images:

    • Exophase: main developer - Official release "gpsp" latest v0.9.
      takka: developer - UnOfficial release "UO gpSP kai" latest v3.4 test 3 build 92.
      toBsucht - for testing and helping translating.