VITA / PS TV GNU Robbo 0.68

GNU Robbo is a free open source re-implementation of The Adventures of Robbo

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    GBU Robbo (Vita / PlayStation TV)

    • GNU Robbo for Playstation Vita and Playstation Portable
      This is a new port of GNU Robbo action puzzle video game for Sony Playstation Vita and a major upgrade of existing port of GNU Robbo (version 0.66) for Sony Playstation Portable.

      screenshot1.jpg screenshot2.jpg screenshot3.jpg GNU Robbo is a free open source re-implementation of game designed by Janusz Pelc and published by LK Avalon in 1989 for the Atari XL/XE computers. A success on the Polish domestic market, it was later ported to other computer platforms and also released in the United States as The Adventures of Robbo. (

      Project Source'ss / Description via: /

    • Features
      • game built-in level editor
      • 39 new level packs
      • graphical improvements (smooth board scrolling, explosion lightning effects)
      • graphical skin support (customization of graphical elements)
      • sound skin support (customization of sound sets)
      • customizable in-game controls
      • support for locales: English, Czech, German, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Swedish
      • in-game help

    • Controls
      • CROSS - confirm
      • CIRCLE - cancel / exit
      • D-PAD - move Robbo / move cursor in Designer
      • D-PAD + CROSS - shoot
      • LEFT_JOYSTICK - scroll level in Designer
      • TRIANGLE - modify current level in Designer (after starting a level)
      • START - restart level (in case Robbo is stuck)
      • RIGHT TRIGGER - next level pack
      • LEFT TRIGGER - previous level pack

    • Game built-in level editor (GNU Robbo Designer)
      • If you have mastered the game or would like to express your creative skills, you can become a designer and use level editor to create new or modify existing challenges and immediately test your ideas in the game. If you want to share new level packs, contact the Authors. Every level creator is credited with his/her name during a level game play.

      Modified level packs can be found in:
      • ux0:/data/gnurobbo/levels (PS VITA)
      • data/gnurobbo/levels (PSP)

      If you want to start designing a level from scratch, MyLevels pack is a good starting point. For details of using level editor please read "Level Designer" section of README file).