VITA / PS TV goHANmem 1.01 Beta 1 - English Translated 1.01 BETA 1

Memory editing plugin for HENkaku users for Vita/PSTV

  1. atreyu187
    goHANmem 1.01 Beta 1 - English Translated

    SELECT+RIGHT = Open goHANmem
    LEFT/RIGHT = Move Cursor
    UP/DOWN = Change Digits
    L/R = Select Page
    Circle = Detect Range
    Select = Switch Range
    Square = Next
    Triangle = Previous
    Start = Execute

    As many might know, games allocate more than one memory block where our
    desired value might be. Searching or changing inbetween might freeze or crash
    the game/psvita (like PS3 - Netcheat/3DS - NTRDebugger).
    To prevent this, press bevore first run O to detect ranges (start/stop adr.)
    and you can switch by pressing select. Don't touch unconnected memory!!!
    Ex. (001/011) = 11 different ranges, usualy if you found one value for
    your game, all other will be in the same range.